Beyond Information Security

First aid in emergencies

Laptop und Smartphone

Please keep calm and follow the steps below for the type of threat you’re facing:

Hacker attack, defacing of your website

  • For a virtual machine, take a snapshot of the system
  • Take the system offline or stop the services under attack
  • Don’t make any changes to the system
  • Contact us immediately:

Virus/ransomware infection

  • Identify the affected network segment
  • Switch off all network switches or enable a quarantine of all ports so that the systems can no longer communicate with each other
  • Turn off all systems and/or pause the virtual machines
  • Contact us:

(Distributed) denial-of-service attack (DDOS/DOS)

  • Identify the source IP address ranges
  • Contact your provider to blackhole the source IP address ranges in the backbone
  • Contact us: