Beyond Information Security

IT and Information Security EXPERTS wanted!

Mann und Programmcode

ARE YOU HOT UNDER THE COLLAR, ready to accept new challenges in the security field for enterprises of all sizes and devote yourself to protecting the sensitive data of our customers conscientiously? 

In addition to creativity and curiosity, are you good at conceptual thinking and have good analytical skills, and do have the knack to communicate clearly with clients, partners, and colleagues? Are you amazing in both written and spoken German and English and are you ready and willing to travel?

Curious? Come, play with us! 

Please answer the questions below before applying and see for yourself if you have the skills you need for this job. If you have answered at least 50 % of the questions correctly, you will automatically be redirected to the application. 

Pentest questions

What types of cross-site scripting are there?
How can you prevent circumventing XSS?
How can you avoid SQL injections?
Name three or more important points that describe a working buffer overflow exploit:

Questions about information security

Why is information a valuable asset?
What are the primary goals of information security? (multiple answers may be correct)
What is not a recognized information security standard? (multiple answers may be correct)
What do the following people have in common: Alan Turing, Snow White, and Issac Newton?